The Revolution Will Be Re-broadcast…

Just returned from seeing Spiderman 2 – but I’ll come back to that.

See, I’ve just joined the rest of the world in getting an ipod.

I’ve been the first in my clique before to have mp3 players and the like… cameras

but this one haunted me… 3 billboards in 14 miles to Torrance kinda way.

wanted forever… although them somewhat cool looking.

The advertised silent and personal joy in the streets enticed me to no end.

knowing that only I am hearing this music – so clearly – and I alone am enjoying it to the max.

Like no one else.. loving it, learning it, writing about it.feeling it as I should – as a consumer of it.

AND, and I get to replay it when ever I wish to! Hey YA! Hell yeah…. how cool is that? Awesome right.

Well I’m back in the pack with my pals.. slow albeit. but this time I do as I do. I am the Palaima I have created. and I have better toys to add my ipod too – namely a set of Chatterbox communicators… MUSIC on a motorbike…

THAT is the stuff MORE music is written about… a generator of creativity.. and fusion reactor (there you go, Spidey fans) .. I knew I used to love music. and even before I fill it up with mp3s, I am in love again!

And tonight, now, I am drawn to write about this all because of KCRW and a song in the radio.

No ipod, I know.. I was in company, have to be social 🙂

But a Prince tune was playing – so we think it was Prince.. it was the hott that I remember it. Before I ever had sex, detailed, sexy to both sexes and casual. Music that took me away – all the way to my keyboard….

er, ah, realization that I am blogging now., er… um.. abort, Ramen time! Good night..

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