Uber Touring Fall 06… The American package anyway.

Been travelling a ton lately – love to do it – but I have so
many thing I wanna tell you all when I'm out there. Problem comes
when I return home and go back to the regular flow, all the new and
interesting stuff fades form memory. As a resolve I think I'm gunna
just send you all fits and spurts of ideas and fancy things I'd seen
in the past month and a half. Think of me like Traveling Matt from
Fraggle Rock sending in postcards of adventures. 🙂 And keep me
honest, if I don't tell you about any of these these trips, drop me
an email to bug my ass for stories.

October for Femmoto in Las Vegas
Weho Halloween Parade
Supermoto Finals in Long Beach
Streetmasters Class
Not going to the Long Ride
First time in Austin TX
Turkey day into San Francisco Weekend
MO gets sold from under us…
Long Beach IMS show
December Toothing tour of Denver