Hex Yeah!

What a day, sahweet. I take a random walk through Archive.org to find some new music for this afternoon, clicking on an etree link, returning 40,471 entries in 0.005 seconds and within the first 50 on the list is one of my town all time favorite personally known bands from back in PA! Hexbelt!! Then known as Once Fish. I am so damn excited to get the tapings downloaded – it’s all I can do but sit here and write this post.  I found out about this band when attending art school in Lancaster – pronounced Lank Aster thank you. By way of the beautiful and artistic calico blonde named Margie I was eventually lead to this band’s show at the Lancaster Dispensing Company aka Dipco. From that day until it was nearly impossible for me to see the band I was at every show within driving and flying distance… to this day, 10 years later, I still look for their name in the Barfly when I fly home for christmas. I know they changed their name, even saw them as Hexbelt before I left for Cali and they faded into the night. Now I have them again and now I know they still play in the south central Pennsylvania area, awesome! Thank you internet for bringing back my friends! Hell, I even see recordings done in a bar I used to see them play in… I’m off to listen!