It’s Elemental

Perhaps it’s better to say that I’m elemental to your projects. As a commercial photographer, I’ve come to need a brand & logo. I’ve wanted one for years, always wanting to play on my initials and their parallel to the Associated Press. Thusly the apwired moniker began when I worked at the Times Leader way back in ’94 or ’95.

Since that time, I’ve changed industries a few times, as well as nicknames. When ‘fonzie’ reared it’s head again (after we parted ways in junior high), the Fonz became an indispensable item around the Motorcycle.com office. I began to realize that’s where I belong. Growing out of the baby shoes of MO and now learning to stumble around in the big boys’ shoes, I need to assume the identity and position of an authority in my field. Rising above indispensable, I’ve become elemental to getting the job done… whomever I work for. Add one periodic table of elements to one photographic reference to f-stops and my icon is born. I hope you dig it as much as I do! 🙂