This’ll Explain That

Short story: I’m in Alaska on tour with Common Rotation
The long story is still being written and experienced, but here’s a little taste of Kotlik Alaska for ya.

Last night, after the CR performance. After the green room party of cold seal meat, moose and salmon and good old gum flapping about life and times in the Alaskan tundra, we sought out a patch of northern lights and were blown away at the first peek. James, Emily and myself probably saw the best show of the night, from just outside the school amongst the “street” lights. Fast motion and dancing, nearly ¼ the way up the sky from the horizon. Awesome! Fifteen minutes later when we hit the river ice and trekked out past the fireworks launch pad, we set down out tripods and James and myself both captured some great images. Point & shoot and pro stuff too. We’re pleased, excited and frozen. Buellah lead us around the abandoned lake store to block the ‘city lights’ and the show rocked us hard! Reds and purple are rare colors, especially at this latitude, green is the most common color and we got a good display until the -28 temps combined with long shutter exposures wore down our batteries both, but our spirit wasn’t broken. We got the see the lights!

Sharing stories with families and new friends, then each other when we get to sit alone. I’ve never experienced anything like this. Local villagers instantly become friends are just as familiar as my brand new friends in the band. Not that I expected my trip to Alaska to fade, but I can tell already that this trip will live with me as my trips to Amsterdam had in my youth, making a very deep impression. Leaving me with a wanton for more.