Another night, another lurk

With news about my career that should excite the pants off me, I had to make a decision that confuses my energy. So with an attention towards getting as far ahead as possible, I went to work at Panera Bread again to craft a few product reviews for Motorcycle.com in anticipation of the season’s last concert on the pier in Santa Monica. Toots and the Maytals kept the pier and the beach alike bouncing in rhythm, thousands of people in attendance, the aroma of adult cigarettes every 10th step. With all my friends stuck at work, too far away from the beach or lost in space, I lurked around once again until I realized I was recording the fun instead of having it. Next year – and I said this last year when I saw only the last concert of the season – I wanna come back with wine, cheese, friends and a big ass blanket every thursday! I guess we’ll see. 🙂

I love to see SO MANY BIKES btw, locked to every possible place!