Collared shirts and no more jeans? What happened to my high school?

Students of my hometown high school recently passed a new dress code forcing student to wear dress pants, with a belt, plain collared shirts and non-hazardous shoes. And all-black outfits are a no-no, sorry all you Mummenschanz performers. You’ll have to wear navy blue now.

Read along with me: http://www.pittstonarea.com/plan&policy/DressCodePolicy.htm

The further down the list I read, the more I am astonished. Can this be legal? This is a rural high school in northeast Pennsylvania, not Compton. And the rules appears stricter than I would expect to find on the Harvard campus. Someone must have peed in the school boards cheerios to have structured a dress code this stringent. Hell, I’m glad I graduated 20 years ago – before the term baggy refereed to zip lock bags.

I’ll have to stop by there this fall when I attend my high school reunion. I can only expect to find the student dressed like morons. I had to google “Henley Shirts” just to learn that I just bought one of these for myself in a turquoise linen. Still a trouble maker I guess! When I visit, I’ll be sure to wear my baggy camouflage cargo sweat-shorts and a logoed spandex “Fuck Me” t-shirt with the collar visibly torn off and my underwear showing below the shorts. And flop flops. It’ll surely wreak inside the school when as the globe warms up, the students are no longer permitted to wear shorts to school, for 90% of the school year.

Btw, I looked it up. Harvard has more leeway in attire on graduation day [ http://www.nationmaster.com/encyclopedia/Academic-dress] than the children in NEPA. In looking for other high schools with strict dress codes, a top search result brought me to a news report where the students were arrested in Philadelphia last month after a fight broke out at the security check point – Bart Simpson tshirts are still a no-no folks!. [ http://www.philly.com/philly/hp/news_update/20080917_20_arrested_at_Sayre_H_S__in_melee_over_dress_code.html] Way to stimulate mental growth in our youth – send them to jail! You can’t even wear a PAHS shirt anymore as the only thing allowed on a golf or dress shirt is a 2”x2” logo – go team spirit! Go hide in the closet at home.

Only outlaws will be wearing sunglasses. Wow. And the use of the Internet is a privilege, not a right.