Home Infection

One of life’s necessities, or necessary evils, is advertising and it’s bed buddy marketing. Throughout the past 40 years, the tactics to sell you something have changed and evolved into more creative and sneaky bitches. At first, we used hot women to attract the bread winners, then cigarettes made the buyers cool. Once the buying public because desensitized to the game, subliminal messages had their chance at our wallets. Fury. Today, and growing a bit tiresome already, is the viral method of attraction our attention by tricking us into finding something loosely associated with the product as cool, thus we accidentally want whatever they’re selling – remember the Clive Owens BMW films in 2002? Or the campy & kitch appeals to the buyer, and you want to buy it. You KNOW you want a USB Absinthe Spoon, don’t you?

Viral marketing is everywhere now, selling abstinence (AND Absinthe) to Volkswagens. And with each iteration, someone gets hooked. Fury. Some get so hooked they pester their friends and colleges with the message. With smaller and smaller audience participation, word of mouth is the portal advertisers count on to sell the product. And Honda is no different than anyone else. Finally climbing on the train with a campaign to sell a new motorcycle.

One unsuspecting victim hasn’t seen the motorcycle yet, he wasn’t at the media unveiling in December, he won’t be at the public unveiling later this month, and heck, he barely even rides a motorcycle, but that doesn’t stop him from searching the internet for information, photographs, stories and links to the soon-to-be-released 2010 Honda Fury. He’s trying every SEO title in Google and sending all his co-workers links to guesses, rumors and teasers of any sort in an attempt to find a reason to publish his own story on Motorcycle.com. This virally infected person is our Editorial Director and I think he’s shaking with anticipation for this weeks release from Honda. I know for a fact his undies are unseated! And by the sight of my bosses’ incessant need to post content on a bike that hasn’t yet been introduced, I think I want one now. Damn you wants!