The Sky is Falling: Leonid Meteor Showers Peak Tonight

For all you night riders out there, escaping from the family or heading home
from the third shift, don’t panic if you see the sky falling around you. You
didn’t accidentally slip into a time warp or punch the NOS button. Tonight’s
sky will be ablaze with a meter shower seen only once every 30-some years,
the Leonids.

Peaking after midnight in the eastern US, and with a potential rate of 40/hour,
it’s consider to be a meteor shower versus a meteor storm, the likes of
which shook the very being of earthlings in 1833 when the count exceeded
1000 meteors an hour. One horsepower was greatly exaggerated in the
minds of those out riding on that night.

Plowing through the dust field trailing the parent comet Tempel-Tuttle, the earth itself will feeling a little more like the nosecone of your favorite land rocket,
charging through the debris and marking the night sky like bugs smeared on
your fairing. Even if you don¹t plan to be out riding tonight, go outside
and look up, with the moon only full 1%, it’s sure to be a good show if
you¹re not socked in by cloud cover.