A Mine-Made Paradise

If you can believe it, being a photographer takes me everywhere you never expect to want to go, but in this case I’ve always wanted to visit the home of ‘dem Duke boys.’ Hazard County Kentucky…. Hazard!    Better yet, As part of the production team, I was there to ride the full ATV and Side-by-Side line up from Kawasaki in a park build on reclaimed strip mining land. Who said getting dirt on ATV’s can’t be ‘Green’? Heck, we’re ‘green’ every which way with Kawasaki!

Riding a Brute Force 750 and carrying one of the worlds largest photo backpacks, the LowePro Super Trekker, I was quite a spectacle. Must of weighed 40 pounds fully loaded — but there’s no way I wanted to strap my gear to the luggage rack and thrash it around on some of the freshest trails in the country.  Fresh meaning, brand new this time.. like they we’re built last week. Ya see, this place hadn’t yet opened to the public when we got our media sneak peak from the SAM group. It was one hell of a good trip…. and I even got to taste some authentic strawberry moonshine!

The attending 20 publications (yes, my trigger finger was torn up by week’s end) included:

Side by Side Industry News

UTVWeekly.com & UTVGuide.net




ATV Magazine

ATV Rider Magazine

ATV Illustrated

Brute Force Forum




UTV Off-Road Magazine


4-Wheel ATV/UTV Action



Dirt Wheels