Bagger Shootout

It’s a bagger blowout: Victory’s Cross Country, Harley’s Street Glide and Star’s Stratoliner Deluxe! tests the most popular in light-touring slash boulevard cruisers and I was there to shoot it.

High in the secret testing canyons of Southern California, Kevin Duke, Pete Brissette and Jeff “the new guy” Cobb flog these baggers for your pleaseure and enjoyment. All in a days work for this cameraman. Short on daylight hours since the clock change and the usual Friday night traffic, principal photography was shot in just a few hours. As is standard with MO, Editor-in-Chief Duke opts for late light beauties which means all the action photography comes first. Crossing our fingers that no one damages the units or blast through any puddles lest they be cleaning the bike in lieu of lunch time.

2011 Bagger Shootout – Images by Alfonse Palaima