Trip Planning: Mexico City

A few years ago, I’d taken on the challenge to ride from the metropolis of Los Angeles to the far-away Panama Canal. We’d done it in 14 days, traveling hundreds of kilometers per day and despite the warnings to the contrary, traveling into the night just about every single night, except for one in David, Panama.

I always did want to return to Puerto Angel...

Blindly signing onto the project, I hadn’t a clue where we would be riding nor where we would be spending our nights as I wasn’t planning the route. Quite refereshing at the time actually. As I had been planning tests for Motorcycle.com at the time, seemingly 24-hours a day, but none to travel or tour on a motorcycle. Just to get on the road and ride, regardless the daily aim, was a great release. I left LA with a return flight and a plan to leave my bike at a dealership in Panama to be shipped home. Nothing else. Well, to take photos of course but when aren’t I?

This time I have Mexico City on the mind, La Cuidad. Avoiding it the first time, electing to ride the coastal roads through the country, I missed the glory(?) of the third largest city on Earth. But I live in a city nearly the same, so what did I need with more traffic? But with this invite to visit, I’m digging up flight plans, routes and my rosetta stone.

Will I like it? Will I take the KLR this time too? Stay tuned!

What am I getting into?!

1 thought on “Trip Planning: Mexico City”

  1. KLRs rock the world.
    Have a good trip, Fonz.
    Enjoy El Zocalo when you get to the city.
    Go inside the Cathedral and see how far the walls lean compared tot he chandeliers which hang straight down. I lucked into a concert on the double organ.

    Hilarious “what am I getting into” photo.

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