2012 Cleveland CycleWerks Tha Misfit Review

Two-hundred-twenty-nine cubic centimeters of café-racer cool

By Tom Roderick, Mar. 12, 2012, Photography by Alfonse “Fonzie” Palaima, Video by Fonzie & Adam Wood
With an MSRP of just thirty-two hundred bucks, Tha Misfit from Cleveland CycleWerks is the motorcycle option to similarly-priced 125cc scooters. Tha Misfit’s 229cc engine capacity out-displaces those scoots by more than 100cc, and it strikes a much cooler profile. But is Cleveland CycleWerks a steadfast motorcycle company and is Tha Misfit worth its retail price?(By the way, all CCW bike names are prefixed with “tha” to prevent copyright hassles –Ed.)

From its kick-starter to fuel petcock and handlebar-mounted choke, the Misifit does more than look the part of a vintage cafe racer, it adheres to the simplicity of the era. The carbureted, air-cooled Single exemplifies British one-lungers frequenting the Ace Cafe when not engaged in doing “the ton.”