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Two GSs in a Pod – ESCAPE Magazine Summer 2012

For years now, you’ve been riding back a forth between home and work with your eye on the little scratch of a road climbing up the side of that mountain… the one heading up the lake, trail, or secret hunting spot. You know the one. But it’s a dirt road and your bagger isn’t cut out for the task. Maybe it’s time to get yourself the right bike and start putting around off the pavement!


Soon you’ll realize that your new dualie needs a few accessories like crash bars and tires, because people fall down sometimes, right? And you’re no exception. Here’s one thing to add to that list – an accessory worth more than any other – riding skills. You can’t buy experience online, and there’s only so many times you can fall down before something important breaks.  Get the bike, take a class, and ride your way to the greatest freedom on two wheels, over uncharted territory!


Into The Unknown

Seattle-based aftermarket parts manufacturer, and maker of hard parts for your dual sport motorcycle, ALTRider recently held a riding event in association with a few riders more-than-familiar with the idea of riding off the pavement. As one of only two American riders to ever finish on the podium at the Paris-Dakar rally (and sister-pub editor for Dirt Rider), Jimmie Lewis, along with a privateer racer arriving direct from the 2012 event, Manuel Lucchese, took attendees on the ride of their lives through some of America’s harshest riding conditions. The “Taste of Dakar” weekend welcomed riders of all levels, to enjoy their motorcycles off the pavement as well as on it.


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