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Motors For Nothing (Kicks For Free)

For immediate release…if not sooner

Motors For Nothing (Kicks For Free)

By Dain Gingerelli

Available from, Kobo, Banes & Noble and Smashwords.

$2.99, online only

Accomplished motojournalist Dain Gingerelli journeys into cyber space with his latest book, Motors For Nothing (Kicks For Free). The e-book, available online at, highlights many of Gingerelli’s experiences as a motojournalist since 1971, giving a behind-the-scenes look at what it was like to be a staff writer during the motorcycle magazine industry’s heyday. Enthusiasts can download the book that includes archive photos for $2.99. That’s less than the cost of a newsstand magazine today!

Ever wonder what really takes place during a new-motorcycle test session? What do you do when your motorcycle’s headlight bulb blows out during the dead of night while traveling 160 mph? Care to take a lap around a race track alongside racing legends Kenny Roberts, Eddie Lawson, Bubba Shobert and other greats? Do you really want to know how those cool action photos that you see in the magazines are created? If so, then this e-book is for you because Gingerelli writes about those very things and more. “I also get up close and personal about some of the bikes that I’ve owned, ridden, raced and, yes, even crashed,” said Dain, adding, “I even divulge how I earned the Daingerous Dain moniker.”

There has yet to be a motorcycle book like this one. Motors For Nothing won’t necessarily teach you how to be a motorcycle magazine editor, but it’ll show you what it’s like to be on staff to ride – and write about – some of the most exotic two-wheel machines in the world.

Motors For Nothing (Kicks For Free) is Gingerelli’s first e-book. He has authored nine automotive and four motorcycle print books, and he has been editor-in-chief for six national motorcycle publications. “My most memorable times in the industry, though,” said Dain, “were the eight years spent as Cycle Guide Magazine’s Sport Editor. And many of the tales in Motors For Nothing are from that chapter of my life as a motojournalist.”

Motors For Nothing (Kicks For Free) is available now by logging on to Amazon, Kobo, Banes & Noble and Smashwords. Also: Dain Gingerelli is available for interviews, comments or additional information to suit your publication’s needs. Contact him at:

About Dain Gingerelli:

Dain learned to ride in 1965 aboard his new Honda S90. After acquiring a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from California State University, Fullerton, he went on to serve as Editor-in-Chief for: Street Chopper (1973-’74), Hot Bike (1977-’78), Custom Bike (1978-’79), Parts Magazine (1993-’95), IronWorks (2000-’09) and Motorcycle Bagger (2010-present). He also has authored nine automotive and four motorcycle print books. Dain is an accomplished motorcycle road racer, winning amateur class championships in the AFM and CMC organizations, and he was co-holder of four FIM world speed endurance records set with Honda in 1986. He currently resides in Mission Viejo, California, with his wife, and they have two sons.