Tic-Toc Maroc: Shipless in Cueta

Chefchaouen to Ronda Spain | October 30 | 198 Miles |

Thanks for a little dinner conversation, or perhaps NO thanks to it, we realize there will be a time change (somewhere: border or ferry?) to deal with tomorrow, and that we should leave really early in order to make the mid-day ferry. But we already have morning ferry tickets but won’t be able to make it there in time, with the x-factor we have with the border crossing. So our guides attempt to shift the group to the mid-day ferry and we ride out on the usually schedule of 9am…


With time and only a few kilos to the border crossing, we take the coast road instead of the freeway and stop in Fnidiq to get ourselves together for the Morocco30-4596border, securing passports and paperwork, trading out any remaining dirhams and sucking down one last cafe con leche.

With relatively light border traffic and lesser scrutiny getting OUT of the country, we make it through and to the ferry with just the right amount of time.. almost perfect. Except for one thing. The mid-day ferry was already filled and we wold have to wait for the evening ship. Damn. That means we have 4 hours to kill in Cueta and more annoyingly that we’l be arriving in Ronda after dark and I KNOW the roads into that town are both winding and awesome. Beyond

Harleys vibrate? No!
Harleys vibrate? No!

our control really, so patience was our friend… and we spent a lot of time with that guy today.

The Paradores hotel in Ronda was sandwiched between the historical bullring, where bull fighting got its start, and the bridge that makes this town more popular with tourists today. I’d hoped to see a fight, knowing that it was the correct season, but our schedules didn’t meet up. Maybe next year! At least I have tomorrow to explore before the tour ends in Malaga.

That’s about a much Halloween as we’ll see in Spain and I’m OK with that!