A Thankful Day

Villa De Leyva Rest Day | Monday, November 26 |

With no intention by the organizers of this tour, our first rest day (at the perfect time btw) fell on Thanksgiving. And although Cristbol Columbus came to “my” America, he and his cohorts had also traveled south to “this” America… but they don’t celebrate the same way we do at home so finding a turkey dinner was like looking for water in California. But we did do some exploring of the area and visited a few of the local tourist attractions and had a wonderfully lazy day.


Our first stop was right near the center of Villa De Leyva, the Casa Terracotta… and wow!

The next stop took a us on a little hike, down off the ridgeline to some collection ponds, colored bright blue and green from the run off sulpher… a stop I could have skipped personally but the warm winds were blowing and the sun was shining, it was a beautiful day to be outside and off the bike so I was game either way.

The third and final stop, before a walk back into Plaza Mayor for a late lunch and a pseudo-turkey dinner (which was Hawaiian Pizza btw), was the church in the countryside, the name which escapes me at the moment.


In the end, with the help of some hotel wifi (no SIM yet) and Facebook, I was able to meet up with Azure and Roel for a holiday beer, quesadilla and jugos… I took them to the same place our guide, Eric, took us last night, for the live music and incredible interior. Much like a riad, from the outside, you cannot see how awesome these homes are inside until you set foot in there…  4 hours later we walk out with plans to meet again in Medellin in a weeks time for a proper beer and to share some more adventures!   Those lucky kids get to stay in the terracotta house, I’m SO jealous!