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Exit Through the Salt Mine

Bogotá to Villa De Leyva | Monday, November 25 |

First a little motorcycle maintenance and some technology over breakfast, aka learning how to type the correct “a” over Bogotá, hooray… on!

Art carved into the salt
Art carved into the salt

Latitude: 5.6333° N |  Longitude: 73.5333° W


Our fourth day on the road included a foot excursion underground.  Just about an hour outside Bogotá lies a town and a very special tourist attraction, one taken from the working man and given to the Lord. The Cathedral Del Sol, or Salt Cathedral, is an old salt mine that has been converted into a church wherein the locals perform everything from weddings to guided mining expeditions.  The admission price was built into the tour so I’ll have to look that one up but if you have the time on your own tour, give it at least an hour to visit, 2 will make it more relaxed but one could spend a whole day underground watching historical 3D movies, hiking, praying and just enjoying the engineering marvel that is digging through the earth on this scale.


The stations of the cross, lining the entryway are impressive enough for some, and I was impressed with each passing carving, with larger and larger caverns behind each one. But the main hall and it’s labyrinth of smaller enclaves, holes and shopping malls really take you to another place. I almost didn’t want to leave but we have all of today’s ride ahead of us yet.

A late lunch filled our bellies with pound of grilled meats, picada boyacense, don’t know what that means, but it was oh so good! They just love grilling food down here… and they do it rather well!

The rest of the day climbed a few lesser valley walls, through many miles of daily land, with the last ending in Valley De Leyva where once again, Motolombia booked us in one of the nicest places I’ve seen in Colombia.  Watch out for the dogs, cows and even horses in the road today!