Congo into Bogota

Honda to Bogotá | Monday, November 24 |

Today’s ride (Day 3) was an easy one, only 100 miles from Honda to Bogota, but it was one of the most dangerous… aka fun. Juan thought is much like a video Colombia-4742

game and Lia just opened her head and smiled… calling it a dream and noting how relaxed she was. We would goto jail in the US for riding like this but around here, its a way of life. If you plan to get anywhere, you’ve GOT to pass. And on the mountain roads, you inevitably catch up to a congo line or two depending upon how successful you are in passing the first. Luckily the slow traffic is only going up. After you peak, it’s all down hill and now you get to watch out for crazy ass drivers passing slow vehicles in their uphill lane. Route 50 is the interstate around here, that means not only will you find big rigs and delivery trucks ranging in scale from tuk-tuk to 18-wheelers, but also bicycles, moped, roosters, dogs, oxen, sheep, horses, pedestrians, overheated vehicles (and the occasional 3 deep pass over the yellows) and road construction and workers. If your head isn’t on a swivel, you ain’t gunna make it to Bogota. And if you do, lets hope you’re not running full Touratech saddlebags with Roto-Pax tanks mounted on the outside.. you’ll need every centimeter to squeeze through the traffic.


Latitude: 4.5981° N |  Longitude: 74.0758° W



We got lucky and got to town around 3pm, after only 5 hours of riding, and it was already thick but not bad at all. The big-drop rain made it more interesting Colombia-5038but its all new and fun anyway, so game on!  The Colombian circus entertained us at the traffic lights… see the video on my Facebook page.

Our morning walk around Honda produced about a gallon of sweat, humid AND hot, along with a peaceful troll through this part of town. We stayed in the gringo hotel of course, but got out for a walk and a visit to the ATM. So calm and laid back, it felt like a Sunday, alas they just don’t have the people and traffic coming though town like they used to so it remains rather desolate.

By 11am we were on the road again and riding twists non-stop. Yesterday’s road and ride was better, being so far form the big city and having almost traffic but this was fun too!

Colombia-5115Bienvendos a Bogota, lets get to it!


This metropolis makes it easy to forget you’re in Colombia… Krispy Kreme, craft beer bars, tall buildings and beautiful city parks… was a fun night, including the sushi stop!