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Villa De Leyva to Bucaramanga | November 27 |

Water, by the bag?!
Water, by the bag?!

Proving our predictions right, the road out of town was dirty, wet and bumpy…. the roads, not the girls you perv… leading us from the village to Acrobuco where we spotted a roller derby team practice and the main artery road between Tunja and points North (Route 62).


Latitude: 7.1333° N |  Longitude: 73.0000° W



Over mountain passes and waterfalls we roll along smoothly and at one particular innocuous fuel stop I find the tools I’d been looking for along the road for a few days now, the materials to build a temporary set of highway pegs for the G650. After a run-in with a tree stump riding the Continental Divide in September my ankle prefers the occasional stretch… and my knees don’t mind it either!  Stuffed on the rear rack until I have the time to work this out, a couple of 18-inch pieces of rebar will ride pillion.

Gas and a legs stretch... This is where old trucks come to die... and get put back to work again.
Gas and a leg stretch… This is where old trucks come to die… and get put back to work again.

Lunch at the Mirador Monserrat afforded us an equal bird’s eye view of the vultures soaring high above us on the road. That and the renewed verve my tourmate has to ride to Ushuaia on a custom chopper… what?? Terrific food with a terrific view, a must see if you’re ever in Pinchote.

In the next town, San Gil we watched along the many topes for what Azure and Roel suggested we pick up for dessert… friend ants. Luckily(?) we didn’t find any and the roads to follow were far more insetting as as drop and drop, and drop some more, through the Chicamocha national park. Thank you BMW for the ABS brakes, as the winding road POV I wasn’t expecting took me by surprise… and I just HAD to stop fast. Addict!

Winding AND scenic, today’s ride was fantastic.. can I do it again please?


The ride into town tonight also shocked me… with a name like Bucaramanga, I assumed it to be a small, remote location that no-one has ever heard of. Instead it’s a booming metropolis of nearly a half a million, and everyone of them on the road for Black Friday sales at the mall, which our hotel is attached to. Bienvenidos to the hippest Holiday Inn on earth! Poolside sushi for dinner, with a 20-story view of the city below? Sure. And fireworks too? Am I really in Colombia?