Into the Mist

Salento to Honda | Monday, November 23 |

Our second day in the saddle began after a little side trip to the farm. Our guide wrangled together one of the local jeeps (regularly on tourist hire) to deliver those of us not recovering from a hard first night to a coffee plantation for a morning walking tour where we picked beans, roasted a few more and sipped on Colombian coffee IN Colombia… wow. And the scenery wasn’t too bad either!


Little did we know about the ride we were about to embark on.


Latitude: 5.2042° N |  Longitude: 74.7417° W


Fed and fuelled, we made our way into the mountains today… cresting over 12,000 feet above sea level (!), through a fog-filled journey that included hundreds of passed local motorcycles ( little shit bikes ) and dozens of passed trucks and one near-miss that can only be explained through video… which I’ll post someday when I get back the US and free-flowing internet… just believe me it was wild!


Beyond that, it was an epic day of twisties… nowhere in the US can you ride for that long without hitting a straight road or major town… it was damn near endless… We even met Zorro today!