No Rest For The Weary


Barely recovered from my last tour, a circumnavigation of Morocco with Edelweiss Bike Tours, I’m writing one story while preparing for the next one… In just over a week I’ll be flying off to South America and joining Motolombia on their giant loop through Colombia tour, I’m very excited for this one!


Don’t screw it up Fonz. Lest you make enemies in a new land. Just because you were taught that America was discovered by Christopher Columbus, that doesn’t mean that’s how he spelled his name! His true name was Cristoforo Colombo and thus the country of Colombia is named in his honor… fix your spellchecker and good luck with your cellphone’s autocorrect function!


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Preliminary route is as such:

Day 1: Arrival to Cali.

Day 2: Cali to Montenegro

Day 3: Montenegro to Honda

Day 4: Honda to Bogotá

Day 5: Bogotá to Zipaquirá to Villa de Leyva

Day 6:Rest day in Villa de Leyva

Day 7: Villa de Leyva to Bucaramanga

Day 8: Bucaramanga to Santa Marta

Day 9: Santa Marta to Cartagena

Day 10: Rest day in Cartagena

Day 11: Cartagena to Caucasia

Day 12: Caucasia to Medellin

Day 13: Rest day in Medellin

Day 14: Medellin to Salento

Day 15: Salento to Cali

Day 16: It is departure day, whew!