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The Crystal Alignment

japan spread apr 2016

After a long-fought mental battle between words and thoughts over a relationship’s ending, on nearly the anniversary of such occasion, and furthermore, on Valentines day of this year, my motorcycle touring piece from Japan has just been published in Motorcyclist Magazine, and is available online!  And it’s not a downer, I promise!

Akin to an alignment of the crystals in the early-70’s children’s show Land of the Lost, when one doorway closes, another opens… uncontrollably. The unfortunate part for the Marshall family lost between time and space, they never made it home, forever attempting to align the crystals themselves to reopen the doorway home. I’m too am looking for that home… one country at a time. Might Japan be the place? Wish me luck!

I didn’t see the earthquake coming either, and like the Rick, Holly and Will I too fell in a hole after my ride through Japan. But thanks to the people I met there, and the places I went, I’m still excited to have been there… and WILL go back!

motorcyclist apr 16 coverAnd if the timing couldn’t be better, this story lands in the hot-hot-hot April issue.. the one with the Africa Twin on the cover. Everyone will be snagging that issue from the newsstand! Those of you subscribing to the digital version on Zinio can get it today! And when they get through the ride review from South Africa, my Japan story follows on the next page… nice work from the art department on that one!

Those of you following me here might recall the few photos I posted after the trip and the Rever routes posted to my account. If you do not, now’s your chance to catch up, while also peeking into the future for forthcoming stories on Colombia, Morocco and the good ol’ United States. 

In further cosmic alignment, I open my mailbox while scribing this post to find the April issue of the RoadRUNNER where in I have a short piece on the 2016 Yamaha line-up. I wonder what other bylines are out there this month!


… oh! My Tumblr account just tired 5 years old today, hooray!