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BMW R 1200 RS Review [Motorcycle Mag]

MAG cover BMW RSHidden between our youthful discretions and our elderly wisdom is a grey zone rife with confusion… if you manage it poorly. Or excitement if you’re a lucky one. And while the choices in life might not always be yours, the machine you ride (possibly the most important one) is one that is. And one you secure with great process. Retiring that supersport doesn’t have to be as forgiving and emotionally painful as once thought, the grey zones are widening with great choices, higher horsepower, more dynamic suspension and quicker technology. Don’t give up hope just yet, that trike can wait one more round!

Since the 1970s, BMW has been on the forefront of motorcycle touring, some say they invented the sport touring class by producing not only one the first designated sport touring motorcycles in 1973, the R 90 S, but also with it’s follow up act. Renowned for it’s design approach, deriving from the first wind tunnel testing, the 1976 R 100 RS survives even today as groundbreaking.

MAG-bmw1200rs-spreadFast forward to the present decade and the recently-renovated 125 HP water-cooled GS power plant has been creating headlines around the world, but is arguably a machine built for the few. Statistically speaking most GS-mounted Boxers never see a dirt road, and they don’t have to. Their power, delivery and riding position make for terrific sporting tourers of their own, both on and off the pavement. But the styling tends to throw off many buyers at the same time.  With more classic touring sport bike lines in mind, both long and low, and shrouded with a little more bodywork, BMW returns to the segment after a 9-year hiatus with a machine focused on being the best in that segment, delivering possibly the best tool for the job, the R 1200 RS.

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