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Shutdown at the Showdown

RA_MX-4539Last weekend was loaded with detours. Instead of attending what had become a spring ritual, a ride with Jimmy Lewis at the AltRider event in Pahrump, Nevada, I took on the task of helping another publication do what needed to be done. Ride motorcycles.

The crew at RideApart threw together a collection of staff, family and friends to create something they’re calling Family Dirt Day.  Many machines, many skill levels, and many memories! I was there to lend a hand and when I got home, wrote a little story about the experience. I guess they liked it because today its on the homepage, so please, join me over there for a little journey in my own backyard!

Creative Director Jim Downs tells his harrowing story in a piece titled Family Dirt Day – Not Your Everyday Motorcycle Review.

Meanwhile you can find mine over here Shutdown at the RA Showdown.