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March Madness in April

Eating nothing nothing but twisty roads and gas station burritos for 2 days, I left home this weekend with a fresh tank of gas and no wallet. One-hundred fifty miles later I come to realize I need to fill both of my tanks and I’m in a pickle, on a motor-sickle.


My trip to the mountains was brought on by a recent tire test, for the new Michelin Anakee Wilds, the party carried on from there while I went back to LA to pick up a new test bike and write my story. While it was getting published on ADV Pulse, I left town again to crash a party in the desert. My wanderlust is hard to keep in check!

Luckily I was bound for a campground north of Los Angeles that would be loaded with friends of mine. They’re the GS Giants, celebrating the madness of March on their BMW motorcycles, I was on a Kawasaki. No shits were given, we’re all riders and have all the respect as well.

Possibly the best part of Sunday was the slow start, out on the porch with the Songdog family, serenaded by the E&O Medicine show… I even got an updated Fonzie song… “Version 2.8 was great, can’t wait to meet version 2.9!”

E&O Medicine Show: Fonzie Song 2.8 from alfonse palaima on Vimeo.


One star of the weekend was the hired help… every man fawned over Rev’s granddaughter… but they’ll have to wait until she gets back from the Naval Academy. And yes, thats a blade strapped to her hip, watch out boys!  This is an outtake from the E&O commercial video shoot for their dating website… you HAD to be there!


Good times were had by all… and to those attending Saturday night’s raffle, nobody went home without a prize… with many attendees getting brand new SENA communicators. Next year I’m showing up for the whole rally!


The ride home on Sunday reminded me of what I love about wandering… finding new things like roads, flowers, mountain passes and sometimes the top speed of a motorcycle. It’s a good life, if you can afford it!