Moments Before The Electric Sun

There was a moment, I had a moment, for just a moment… In between the night and day where I briefly had the armrest and a moment of peace with the view outside the window.
Then the electric sun flipped on inside the cabin and life sprung up, crinkling hundreds of plastic wrapped, individually wrapped food items

The moment, a respite and unjust reward for my stubbornness. My penance was that my newest and best camera was in the compartment above my head, and my cell phone sufficiently depleted of power. I was left being that guy… The one taking photos with an iPad,
It began with a bleached orange Korean girl straddling my seat and hers, unwilling to allow me in to mine. And more unwilling, unable to speak the English, or Spanish, communicate to me her want for me to swap seats with her travel companion seated 10 rows back, and in the middle seat.

Embarrassedly declining to make the swap, I sweatingly considered the idea… Always a sucker for a cute girls request, almost. But on a red eye flight, 8 rows in and 6 hours flight time, and a photographer always watching the landscape below, I wasn’t going to give up my seat.

She eventually went back to her mans row, suckering another traveler to forgo his own aisle seat for a middle seat. I’ll gladly give up the comfort of a shared armrest for a man willing to take that offer.

And I got my moment with the rising sun… Alone in the darkness, with the dawns early light not yet shining thru to the plane.. A tiny band of orange on the horizon…. My moment. My iPad. My seat.

Sorry miss.