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BMW’s EnduroGuard Suit

Waterproof First, Then Crash Proof
BMW’s new EnduroGuard Suit

A motorcyclist’s riding suit has to serve many functions that automobiles do without a thought. Climb inside a car and you’re protected from both the weather and the objects outside the car that you might brush up against, say in the case of an accident. Without the protection of a metal cage, a rider is left searching for a jacket and pant combination that can replace those protections. Primarily, it has to be able to survive a crash, and to keep you from shaving off your skin. After that, the creature features of a garment run the gamut from armored, lightweight mesh for the hot and humid days, to heavily-armored and weather-sealed… just about bombproof for those season’s that most riders park the bike and take the car to work.

Every price and quality level is possible now-a-days, but finding a product that’s also good in the rain is priceless, but getting it wrong can be the death knell for supreme functionality. As the years—and brands—go by, new concepts in keeping you dry on the ride have come and gone. And in most cases, any such weatherproofing is done with a removable liner. One which keep you dry, but the jacket taking on more weight and water as the rain continues to fall. Finally, science has prevailed!

And with the induction of new materials and layerings, technology has come to our rescue with weatherproofing on the outside of the jacket. A layer that cannot, and does not, get taken off, but instead is always at the ready to protect you from the elements.

Today, BMW has introduced the EnduroGuard riding suit, designed for the adventure minded rider with an eye towards both the rain and the gravel. Available in gray or black, and in women cuts too, they worked with Swiss fabric developer Schoeller Textil AG to create a product that achieves top performance ratings for abrasion resistance, climate control and personal comfort.

The highly abrasion-resistant shell of Scholler dynatec and dynatec stretch materials are topped with a 3-layer laminate that includes BMW’s Climate Membrane(TM) membrane. On the inside of the 8-pocket EnduroGuard jacket—which includes 7 waterproof pockets—are NP2 protectors on the back panel, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees (infinitely height-adjustable!).

“Our riders have been asking for an externally waterproof suit with no liner and ample ventilation that provides the same standard of protection and comfort they expect from BMW Motorrad Apparel Products,” says Jordyn Baker, Apparel Product Specialist for BMW Motorrad USA.

Ventilation is always the Achilles heel of solid-performing weather sealing. If they get it right, as I’m sure they will, BMW has got a winning combination in the EnduroGuard suit. We’ll keep you posted when we get our hands on one.

Product Highlights:

• New generation suit for off-road use, waterproof
• Highly abrasion-resistant shell of dynatec and dynatec stretch, with a ceraspace layer in some areas, a BMW innovation in cooperation with Schoeller Textil AG
• 3-layer laminate with BMW Climate Membrane™ membrane, wind and waterproof, highly breathable
• NP2 protectors on back, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees (infinitely height-adjustable)
• Coccyx protector, retrofittable
• Extremely good all-round ventilation through many generously sized ventilation options, double front zipper as an AirVent system
• Lining – 100% polyester; Mesh lining in jacket and pants and 3D-Mesh on the back, breathable and elastic
• 8 jacket pockets, 7 of which are waterproof, men’s jacket with additional breast pocket, 3 pants pockets, 1 of which is a key holder (ideal for Keyless Ride)
• Sleeves and legs can be opened wide, recessed cuffs provide protection in foul weather
• Wind guards and recessed cuffs in the jacket provides effective protection against wind and rain
• Waterproof storm hood integrated into the collar
• Leather patches on the insides of the knees for a secure grip on the tank when riding off-road
• Snap buttons on the jacket front are concealed to avoid scratching the tank; and hook-and-loop straps allow a variety of width adjustments and ventilation openings
• Reflective print on the jacket
• Attachment zipper: all-around and 40 cm
• Comfort fit
• Colors: Men’s jacket in grey or black, women’s jacket in grey, both pants in black
• Ladies’ sizes: 34-48, 72-88, 18-22
• Men’s sizes: 46-66, 98-118, 24-32
• MSRP: Jacket – $949.00   Pants – $649.00
• EnduroGuard Gloves for men and women also available, featuring ceraspace and two-chamber technology, in sizes 6/6.5 – 12/12.5

Watch the EnduroGuard Suit in action: