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Last week of Kickstarter Campaign

As posted on our Facebook page for the campaign:

Filmmaker turned publisher, and back again to filmmaker, Jeff Buchanan is one the greatest creative gems you haven’t heard of yet. Growing up in film, to his run as publisher of Robb Reports’ Motorcycling, and back again to the creative screen, Jeff’s passion knows no boundaries: ink on paper, silver on celluloid, to fingers on touch-screens. Buchanan’s next adventure takes him to the foothills of the Pyrenees, to portray “A Man in La Mancha”.

A screenwriter, to director, to actor, Mr. Buchanan’s many fingers are currently busy producing his first Kickstarter campaign, allowing the public to see—and be part of—the big Hollywood machine. Telling the story of a sorrowed man, and taking the journey his late son wished to enjoy for himself, Jeff marries a centuries’ old tale with that of the modern day.

While the nation climbs uphill day after day—perhaps even towards the brink of civilization—our lead actor assumes Don Quixote’s role in battling everyone’s imaginary foes (and maybe a few of the real ones) for us all……/a-man-in-la-mancha-feature-fi…

I wish him luck on the campaign! Even if it takes a few extra years, this film will get made! I know because I helped him on his last big project, a project that broke technical boundaries as well as literary ones, Cinenovel. Won’t you consider pitching in a few bucks, sharing our posts with your friends, and joining me in our last week? I thank you for him.

-Alfonse Palaima