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No ICE Please, Just a Zero

“Mastering the art of science and electric propulsion since 2006,” Zero Motorcycles delivers its 10th model year line-up with many returning models, a few lower-priced ones and a slew of brand-new ones, including a whole new motor. The future is swiftly, and quietly, approaching. And that idea of terminating your credit card account with the …

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Expedition 65 Homepage RideApart [PS]

An Introduction to Expedition 65

Sleeping under the same patch of Arizona stars as travelers from all over the world, I’m at an annual gathering called the Overland Expo (before there was an east coast edition), getting overloaded with inspiration and information about traveling to any and every part of the world. I’m an addict and willing to admit it. …

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Published Stories RideApart RideApart [PS]

Shutdown at the Showdown

Last weekend was loaded with detours. Instead of attending what had become a spring ritual, a ride with Jimmy Lewis at the AltRider event in Pahrump, Nevada, I took on the task of helping another publication do what needed to be done. Ride motorcycles. The crew at RideApart threw together a collection of staff, family and friends to …

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