When Two Worlds Collide aka Happy Acquisitioning

One year ago today, Canadian and American publishing teams hopped aboard the same bike for a two-up ride through time.
Over bumpy passes and through winding dark roads we’ve traveled together. Despite the occasional crossing of the yellow or puckering blind corner, we’ve made it this far, together with you – our loyal readers! Thanks for cramming into the saddle bags btw, we can’t ALL be the pilots on this ride. We do hope you’re enjoying the ride anyway.

With mergers comes upgrades and downsizing of course – a whole new website finally populates visiting browser windows and with the loss of our loyal super fan Mr. K comes growth in many new ways. More reports from world introductions, lesser-confusing navigation and more informative videos to name just a few of the upgrades. We hope you’re enjoying the changes.

Further acquisitions to the brand include the now EIC/NFL Kevin Duke, a battered yet intelligent moto-journo. Once we teach him how to read all the emails we send him, we’ll get to publishing more stories per week. Excluding uncontrollable server pukes. needed a facelift and Rob Laidlaw and his band of loyal Canadians put out. And put up with the steep learning curve of our content management system. Whatever we do, “you really cannot replace passion,” claims Mr. Laidlaw, and so VerticalScope has fought long and hard to give us the legs to stand tall and be passionate about. They’re hott legs too by the way – yes, with two T’s.

So a year later the MO family has grown by more than just a pair of legs and a new owner, we hope you still find us attractive after all the growing pains. 
And of course there’s more to come, but I’ll leave the over-promising to the professionals.

Keep the rubber side down and enjoy the ride. We ain’t going nowhere without you!
-fonz {MO’s only cheerleader today.}