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Back in the Fight / Victory Judge Intro – RoadBike June 2012

Wrestling its American-builder rival since 1999, Victory began building motorcycles with a strong sense of attitude and made-in-America value. In the last few years, as the markets’ waistlines grow bigger and want for more comfort begs the builder to create baggers and touring bikes, the Medina, MN-company has been lead astray from the roots. Last year they recognized that the market for attitude was still very strong and delivered with the release of the High Ball. This year they continued with the Hard Ball, blending current and aging trends. But for 2013, Victory goes “back to one” and jumps back into the power cruiser ring after a 7-year hiatus with an all-new motorcycle. Read more in Print….


Photography for the cover is by Barry Hathaway, interior spread photography is my own work.