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2013 Victory Motorcycles Line-up

The new Victory Boulevard basks in the setting sun…

Back in May of this year I assisted on the shooting of Victory’s 2013 model year catalog, in doing so I became a riding model, manually-adjustable light stand (holding flashes) and third shooter to the week of shooting in and around Los Angeles county. Today the embargo on the information lifted and I can tell you how proud I am to have some of my photos selected for use in the marketing materials, its awesome! You won’t see my name on any bylines for this stuff because they’re mixed in with a number of other photographer’s work, but I know my own pix like people know their children… I’ll know its mine when I see it.  And I’m already seeing my stuff selected and used in a number of online publications and I expect to see more.

In June, I attended the model introduction for the new Boulevard in Santa Barbara and you’ll be able to read my review in RoadBike magazine when it hits the newsstand in a few weeks. So stay tuned for more bragging from the Fonz! 🙂