Published Photography Published Stories + Victory HardBall + Sturgis 2012 = Fonzie’s Next Tour

The crew over at rang me up while I was in Daytona Beach this Spring, asking what my plans were for Sturgis. I was shocked at the amount of forethought behind this project, but I welcomed it. Months later the “long term” Victory HardBall buildout has begun and just barely in time to ride to Sturgis… The event begins this weekend up there in South Dakota and so the stories ahve yet to be written, but here’s the before and after shots of the HardBall to whet your appetite for more.

2 thoughts on “ + Victory HardBall + Sturgis 2012 = Fonzie’s Next Tour”

  1. Im the guy you meet in Buena Vista Co. You let me sit on your bike. Hope things are going well for you. Looks like they are. Two Questions. How do I read the whole story about the hardball, and where does this bike end up.

    Have fun,

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