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Meridian Mambo [Motorcycle Mag]

London-5924For the last few years, I’ve been gleefully chasing a woman around the world. Six countries in 3 years, thousands of air miles and nearly a million photographs and kisses. While I had the time of my life digging a new hole (i.e. credit limit) for myself, It’s time for a change. Time to break the pattern of visiting these places at the wrong time of the year for a motorcycle ride. Mexico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, migrating more and more west, we often visit on the shoulders of that countries winters. But enough, I need a bright sunny ride! Someplace warm and beautiful… yes! And someplace that I choose for myself… like Switzerland or Utah.  Like a “real vacation”. 

One problem however, escaping LA’s June gloom I instead follow my brother, to a place not quite known for it’s sunny days… the spendy historical hub United Kingdom, London. I sure know how to pick em!

Weaving in and out of hamlets and traffic jams, I spend a week riding around the kingdom of London, as well as the countryside, before wheeling off to Paris to witness the final mile of the world’s toughest bicycle race. A triumph for all wheeled riders!

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