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Can-Am Spyder F3-T Review

Twist the grip wide open, and upon take-off, hold it wide open for just a beat more and the road opens up screaming for mercy. As mother earth’s grip upon your rear end’s contact patch breaks, the devil’s deamons howl out your name in rejoice. Echoing off the cityscape around you and the machine, you’re launched into your next adventure. Be it across town, to the next traffic signal, or across the country, the massive powerplant tucked between your legs delivers the precise amount of excitement… finishing with a thunderous roar. All that in the first 3 minutes of your ride!

By now the Spyder is no stranger to the streets, with it’s unique look and balanced chassis, Can-Am has shoehorned into it’s already wide line-up a set of touring cruisers built upon the successful F3 of MY2015. And saddled with the challenge to test the newest Spyders under the scorching hot sun of southern California, I come to the realization that even though it’s “one of those three wheeled things,” its far more than I remember from my last ride.

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