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An Introduction to Expedition 65

ARROW DOWN_SQSleeping under the same patch of Arizona stars as travelers from all over the world, I’m at an annual gathering called the Overland Expo (before there was an east coast edition), getting overloaded with inspiration and information about traveling to any and every part of the world. I’m an addict and willing to admit it. And this is the kind of place— a time and a place —where vacationers and travelers separate at the gate, and true wanderers blend in on both sides. Every one there would love to see the pyramids in Egypt, or the largest salt flat in the world in Bolivia, but nowhere else would you also find this many attendees willing and able to get there by land, from anywhere on earth. These are the “tourists” that take earthbound means to get there, no matter where “there” might be…no planes or trains, just automobiles…from wherever they stand.


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