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e65_fbThink about what you plan to be doing in September and I’d forgive you for not knowing your exact plans beyond knowing you’ll probably be “at work” or wishing you were somewhere else. For me and my cohorts here, we’ll be on a lifelong journey to the end of the world, come along for the ride!


Expedition 65 is a 2 month motorcycle expedition through South America from Colombia to the “end of the world”. Follow along as 12 intrepid riders from all walks of life head off on a true adventure through some of the most remote areas of the planet. Our goal is to share both our experiences and the knowledge that we gain along the way. And that process will begin months before the actual trip – as we go through the process of gathering visa’s, selecting the right gear, and equipping for the journey.


As the journalist on record for this undertaking, I’ll be posting here on occasion, but primarily through the usual social media outlets, and eventually directly in to your hands through a number of printed publications and DVDs. So please, join us on our ride to the end of the world!


Waypoints for Expedition65 – From the Denver meeting
Call it an inspiration or a major distraction, this Pinterest board has one or two posts attached for each of the landmarks the Expedition’s team chose at the very first meeting. Top to bottom, I merely picked them for the image or graphic posted… to create a visual scrapbook based on other people’s content before I can get my own.


Our hope is that Expedition 65 can supply inspiration to those who say “someday” and we hope you’ll follow us on our journey as we plan, equip and take off on what many folks would look at as the adventure of a lifetime.


You’ll also want to follow along with us on Twitter and Instagram… and Facebook of course. Choose your poison and I’ll try not to bury you in repeats along the way!