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End of An Era: Motorcycle Magazine

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My last IG post for Motorcycle Rides & Culture
My first cover for then RoadBike.

Last night I returned home from a ride, picked up the iPad and found the notification of a new issue of Motorcycle Rides & Culture in my Zinio account, sweet… new reads! What I found inside, wasn’t so sweet afterall.

Amongst the usual tour pieces, bike tests, build outs and product tests (including mine of the new Shoei X-14 helmet!) was the editor’s column looking back at his personal history as well as the magazine’s, announcing also the closure of the title. Booo.

In that piece Steve Lita went on to tell stories of all the great rides he’d been on and the great locations he had traveled to over the years, which prompted me to write a similar piece about the experiences I too have had under the title’s representation. As a regular contributor for round about 10 years now, living on the opposite coast from the TAM communications office in Connecticut, I was not only a monthly name for a litle while, but also lucky enough to grace the cover a few times as well, with either my photography or my body (in motion). I also published a few long-winded tales of travel (with the pub requesting 4000+ words!) in New Zealand and Europe… and some press launches from Canada and Spain… it was a good thing while it lasted!


I could go on about all the custom bikes I’d shot for Steve in Daytona Beach or Sturgis, or the press launches I was lucky enough to attend, but my list is hardly as impressive as Steve’s, or even Jessica’s before him. But you should check out his column in your own e-copy on Zinio, or go directly to the newsstand and grab a copy, it’ll be the last. Sadly.

I wish everyone on staff a great (and safe) ride from here on out… and the best of luck! And if I get the publisher interested in letting me take over the website, I might have some work for ya too… (don’t hold your breath). 🙂

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The last one…. go get it! And this will be the first time you ever hear an editor suggesting it, don’t bother subscribing.