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Even I learned something / about the distinction between those that ride on great tours like these. There those that ride through and those that ride to a destination. Between points A and B each day, between one bed and the next, there’s placed to see, explore and experience, those are the things I came to see (as well as the end points). But some only care to get to the endpoint, and explore that place. Neither are right or wrong, but when you mix together these two types of travelers, there will be strife.

For example, on our second day in Colombia, and riding in small groups with ease of traffic, lunch and a cleaner buddy system, I changed groups so as to get photos of everyone on the ride. But this group trend out to be a “to” group and as we whizzed past things I wanted to photograph or experience, I grew more angry. When I learned later at dinner of the other groups’ stops at these same landmarks I was now just pissed at myself for choosing the “wrong” group. Something can be learned even though the bad!

BUT, it was the people we met on the road that intrigued us the most.