Press Releases

Cyber Monday Sales

Don’t go too far away from the mall on Monday, as Octane Press will be having a one day only sale of my book for only 30$… that’s 20$ off the cover price! Plus, you get a free Adventure Motorcycle 2018 calendar just for playing along with the sale… what a deal! Come back on …

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Moments Before The Electric Sun

There was a moment, I had a moment, for just a moment… In between the night and day where I briefly had the armrest and a moment of peace with the view outside the window. Then the electric sun flipped on inside the cabin and life sprung up, crinkling hundreds of plastic wrapped, individually wrapped …

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Expedition 65 Homepage RideApart [PS]

An Introduction to Expedition 65

Sleeping under the same patch of Arizona stars as travelers from all over the world, I’m at an annual gathering called the Overland Expo (before there was an east coast edition), getting overloaded with inspiration and information about traveling to any and every part of the world. I’m an addict and willing to admit it. …

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