Congo into Bogota

Honda to Bogotá | Monday, November 24 | Today’s ride (Day 3) was an easy one, only 100 miles from Honda to Bogota, but it was one of the most dangerous… aka fun. Juan thought is much like a video game and Lia just opened her head and smiled… calling it a dream and noting how …

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2010 Honda NT700V Review

Previously Published on We Americans want everything. And when we spot a sexy new model (motorcycle) on the showroom floor (okay, the women too), in Europe that we can’t have, we start whining. But Americans just don’t buy naked-type bikes like the Euros do and the cycle continues. Once in a while, the manufacturers …

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2008 Lightweight Dual-Purpose Shootout

Previously Published on Here’s a trio of street-legal dirt funsters that are as versatile as they are inexpensive. With expensive fuel and economic blues getting us down, we ran these easy-to-ride, off-road-capable 250s through a gauntlet of tough testing. We found a lot of value for MSRPs less than $5000. While none of these bikes will …

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